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Sharp Iron Manufacturing

A Legacy of Success

Our Mission

Our mission is to operate with an overall philosophy of INTEGRITY and LONG-TERM PERSPECTIVE.

To accomplish this, we must be HONEST in our communications, FAIR in our business practices and unwavering in our commitment to ETHICAL principles.

We will do this regardless of the cost, but expect that often the long-term benefits of integrity will help us thrive.

Our Quality Commitment

Sharp Iron Manufacturing is committed to meeting or exceeding our customer’s expectations.

We will commit the resources necessary to ensure compliance with requirements and to continuously improve our processes and services.


Excellence = Quality always. Urgency = On-time, every time.

We are committed to these standards that, if achieved every time, will ensure that we exceed our customers’ expectations in the most efficient and profitable way possible.

These touchstones should be deeply embedded into the culture of our operations. Our customers should think of excellence and urgency when they think of Sharp Iron Manufacturing. If we cannot say with confidence that this is true, we still have work to do.

The 5 C's

We believe there are five key areas in which we must always concentrate to be successful – the 5 C’s.

– What needs are we meeting and for whom?

COWORKERS – Who is on our team? Who can help ? Who needs help?

COMMUNICATION – What, how and with whom do we need to share to accomplish the job?

CORE COMPETENCIES – What will people pay us for that we are both passionate about and great at doing?

COMPENSATION – Are we watching our pricing, costs and financial performance to ensure long-term growth and a quality workplace?